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  1. hi franki ,we run a small w/shop in n/w nsw.have a territory 9/2005.with ignition barrel fallen apart.Q,how to remove column without deploy air bag…..I see 4 main bolts,1 on lower column slide.but?? the top part not sure. thnx if you can help will send column to you to fix.

  2. Hi there I would like to make contact and advice. First off I am in my 40s and have also been a ford person, and before I was allowed legally to drive on the road my first car was a Morris oxford with no brakes, so I started young, first car from then was the mark 1 and 2 Cortina’s then jumping up in to XA falcons and mainly owning about 5 or more XY or XW. How now I kick myself as I got board with them but found myself always buying another. long story short, I just purchased a Territory 2005 done about 200k, so she a little worn for wear, first thing I did like all new cars I draw a line in the sand as I have no history and nor do I trust people whom service cars, I go through and dump all oils, which I was able to find an auto trans person with little work on able to use his workshop for half day and drain all the oils filters etc. I noticed a vibrations from about 80km and faster so was thinking drive shaft but then I recall the newer fords have these bushing in the rear that are a pain to replace. Found the centre one was flogged so with the km I decided all others should be done and some shocks too. So that’s the rear done for now. I now have a smother ride but still a vibration, so drive shafts are next.
    Anyway back to I like if you get free time for a chat in regards to anyone you trust does a good job on drive shafts?

    I also thinking cause of the age change engine mounts as when idle at lights you can see looking at the rear view mirror a fine little shaking, would this help?

    Also the cat should it be replaced. as its still the standard falcon motor it does seem very sluggish, but maybe of AWD, as looking at its still original pipes and strong smell, I just like a chat and get the feel if I am on the right track of things to do.

    Now I just lost low beam, fuses are ok, swapped the relays from hi to low and still no go. So I come to the point must be the indicator unit as the rear wiper has stopped also. I have not taken a steering wheel apart and prefer not to touch the air bag if there is a way of swapping out the indicator leaver as this is the only thing I can guess. anyway all the best and like to know more about your drive shafts and steering wheel columns cheers
    0400 556 397

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